A 26 Days Medical Volunteers Trip to Bhutan

In the heart of the Bill and Jennifer Byer travelling has always something near and dear. Jannifer and Bill have a sort love affair with the Himalayas as Bill said- they first met in Himalayan tour.

Bill said, “I was attempting to ride a bicycle from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal, and we happened to stay in the same guest house. Being the only North Americans in the room, we met, chitchatted and really connected.”

On February 27 more one travel to the Himalaya Bill and Jennifer have to the land locked kingdom of Bhutan, on medical mission trip as the volunteers of the Health Volunteers Overseas Program (HVO) and this time his three daughter with him.


HVO is a non profit organisation through the education programs training local health care workers to improve the global health in resource-scarce countries. Through the completion of the 10,000 volunteer assignments HVO has helped expand access to health care in various countries. Clinical education, curricula development or updating, faculty mentoring, co-teaching of new content, professional development, funding attendance at professional meetings or workshops, developing protocols, and/or providing access to educational materials such as textbooks, manikins, journals, internet access and more are the supported fields of HVO.

At Hunt Regional Medical Centre in Greenville Bill works as a Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist (CRNA). He said that about more than 6 years they learned about the Health Volunteers Overseas when he was a student in anaesthesia school, and from that to doing the Volunteer work for the program in Bhutan.

Bill said, “When we had kids, we knew we always wanted them to be able to travel and see the world but through a kind of service, giving-back modality. When I went to anesthesia school we heard about this program, and it’s always been in the back of our minds.”

Bhutan is situated in the eastern parts of great Himalaya shares boarded with the Tibet, and India. the maximum number of people lives in the small family farms, the Bhutanese people most common occupation is farming.

“The twins are mostly excited about working with the veterinarian and the monkeys. And Stella’s just excited about getting to help people,” Jennifer said.

To serve others in her travels abroad bill and Jennifer looked for ways ever before they met. In New Brunswick she grew up in Canada province the only constitutionally bilingual and English taught as the second language and Nepal and Nicaragua locally in Atlanta.

“I think it’s important to learn more than one language. English seems to be the only universal language, so I think its fun to be able to share that and teach that to other people, especially kids because they pick it up easily,” Jennifer said.

The valid of the visa for the non-tourists volunteers only for 36 days its means five week unpaid sabbatical for bill.   They set off from Bhutan on February 27 approximately seven weeks.

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