A Fabric Tour into Bhutan

Bhutan is a tiny Himalayan Kingdom sandwiched between China and India and hardly takes 10-11 days to explore the whole of Bhutan. It is one of the vacation hubs because it is blessed with so many precious attributes. Well, of all, one thing that drives the tourists into the country in bulks is the unique, colorful attire that is created in the country itself.  The country has a textile museum and handicraft school in Thimpu which also is the capital city of the country where you will get to witness the legendary weaving, and dyeing of their attires.

Top places hitting the most neglected list

There is a list compiled by, Eyewitness Travel (known for its lovely and well-illustrated series of travel guides) which contains the Top 20 neglected places. Sacramento, Calif.; Athens, Ga.; Rochester, N.Y.; Tucson, Ariz.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Santa Cruz, Calif.; Harrisburg, Pa.; Galveston, Texas; Las Cruces, N.M.; Worcester, Mass.; Mobile, Ala.; Greenville, S.C.; Anchorage, Alaska; Olympia, Wash.; Des Moines, Iowa; Missoula, Mont.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Springfield, Ill., and Sioux Falls, S.D, are the nineteen stunning places on earth yet overlooked. The 20th one is Madison, Wisconsin; and hits the No. 1 spot. The place is a hub with its fascinating culture and cuisine, brewpubs and thrilling and fun filled outdoor activities, yet overlooked.

Guitar Museum with mind blowing collection of Guitars

Quietly residing in the lands of Tennesse, The Songbirds Guitar Museum holds the world’s largest private collection of rare, vintage guitars. It  boasts as many as 1700 instruments. The museum have given the music fans a new reason to rush to this place and witness and feel the awesome  accessories, like acoustic, electric, jazz, bass, mandolin, banjo and mandocello models. Of them all, Fender Stratocasters, a pre-war D45 Martin and 34 Gibson Les Paul Model Sunbursts from 1958-1960, is its prized possession. It stands right next to the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

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