Bhutan as your Birthday venue for this year

Why not your birthday party for this year is in Bhutan the World’s happiest country!

If someone wanted everyone to come close to nature and all this was possible only in Bhutan. It was asked several times when you zeroed in on this quiet, mountainous destination was for the 40th birthday bash party. It was because he wanted to bring away a day out from the home, but I didn’t wanted it to be a typical party that was all about popping champagne.

It is a country which may evoke images of mountains and monasteries, but Bhutan, besides being a trekking and meditation favourite, is also emerging as a luxury lover’s paradise. But the houses have five Amankora properties and two COMO hotels for the small country.

The Partying: – It was when the “party started in Bhutan” experience from the word go. The invites that went out to the guests, to the various venues for the get-togethers, everything was themed around the White Tara, the Tibetan goddess. But was it much more unique than a typical masquerade party, right.

The Dining: – When we kicked-started the celebrations with a welcome lunch at a private space in COMO Uma Paro. The Hotels also offers Bhutanese cuisine made using produce from their organic kitchen garden. The menu was speckled with curries, momos and noodles flavoured with spices.

The party at Bhutan was a similar dinner was hosted by the lake at Le Meridien Paro. Situated on the edge of the Paro river, the hotel provides stunning views of the valley. The Zhiwa Ling hotel in Paro also offers an outdoor dinner-set by the lake. For this dinner, we zeroed in on local cuisine served by waiters dressed in their traditional gho.

The Pampering:- As i headed straight to Le Meridien’s spa, where you can get messages and hot stone baths. True luxury seekers will tell you that no indulgence is complete without some self- indulgence. The best part about choosing this spa is the scenic riverfront spot where the therapies take place. At Amankora’s purists will love the spas at the properties that offer therapies using traditional Buddhist medicinal herbs.

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