From Travellers Dairy: The Paro Tsechu Festival in Bhutan

The Paro Tsechu Festivals is one of most popular and biggest festival in Bhutan in the festivals trained monks and laymen are performing featuring dances in traditional masks and costumes. If you present in the Tsechu festival then you will experiences the ancient living tradition and culture of Bhutan.

In the honour of the Guru Rimpoche, the person who brought the Buddhism in ‘The Land of Thunder Dragon’ the festival Tsechu takes place in the Bhutan country.  The unfurling of the Silk Thangka is the highlighting of the Tsechu festival of Paro – the Thangka is cover the whole building and considers as the most scared and blessing in entire country.

The Thangka is also known as the ‘Thongdroel’ is a religious holy pictures scroll on the final of the festival only for few hours at the daybreak for enabling the people to get its blessing. The mere sight of Thangka is conferring scroll liberation.

In the same trip you can also enjoy the stunning hikes through the countryside to the Rhododendron forest in Phobjikha as the festival held in the spring season. You can also visit the Lamperi a Rhododendron Festival near Dochu La Pass. These all are including in the Bhutan tour packages of every travel agent.

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