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Bhutan has the department of happiness. The idea of GNM (Gross National Happiness) is blooming from the country Bhutan. In the Bhutan’s Constitution the GNM got it place in Articles 9 on principles of state Policy.  “The State shall strive to promote those conditions that will enable the pursuit of Gross National Happiness,” mention in the Article 9.2 and “The State shall endeavour to apply the Principles of State Policy set out in this Article to ensure a good quality of life for the people of Bhutan in a progressive and prosperous country that is committed to peace and amity in the world,” mentioned in the Articles 9.1.

What does this means? Political, economic, cultural and environmental are the main pillar of the Gross National Happiness Index and nine domains. To measures the performance on GNHI a survey was conduct in Bhutan in 2010-2015. Bhutan has population around 7, 50, 000 to state the obvious. An alternative and supplement to the GDP which had measured and aggregate measure along with the happiness and unhappiness progress.

I don’t think that the point is the alternative or supplementary summery measure but the Planning Commission and Committee of secretaries subsumed is the main point in the GNHC (Gross National Happiness Commission). The factors according to the feedback from the GNHI surveys into the Government public expenditure priorities and policies, which are reflects of the local and central body. The idea is right as I think or understood, which are more than the aggregate measures to me planning suggests decentralised. The Gram Panchayats or Urban Local Bodies are need as certain.

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