Most Famous & Sacred ‘Fertility Temple’ in Bhutan

Just 2hours drive from the Thimphu and near about 3-4 hrs drive from the Paro Airport after drives you will see a popular and most sacred temple of Bhutan Namely “Chimi Lhakhang”. People say that the temple is very perfect place for couples who want to have a baby, if they pray in this temple for their own child and its believed that they will not back with empty hand means they prayers will be answered.

The Bhutanese people believed that this “Temple Of Fertility” if you prayed for a child with an ancient wooden Phallas in this temple if you conceive, to have a child some people perform some extra rituals to fulfil their wish.

The story flashed back to the 1499 when the naughty and shabby looking highly religious saint “Drukpa Kuenley” means “Devine Mad Man” built this temple so that the Temple also popularly known as the Devine Mad Man Temple.

Drukpa Kuenley was very knowledgeable person who performed miracles but lived very shabbily. He looks like a saint nor Devine for the matter many people looked down on him because he was seen as a womanizer.

He not liked by many used to teach people in ways, his drunken, shabby attire and lewd remarks were so much an embarrassment to his. He kept forcing to his mother continuously until she agreed with him to have a physical relation, she asked him to keep it quite between them when she agreed he go out in the public say shouted it as much as loudest voice which indirectly washed her sins.

If you wish to have a child then must visit and pray at the Temple when you are in the Bhutan.

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