See the Over 150 Years Old Statue at Bhutan’s Festival

400th years of formation, Bhutan is celebrating since July but with a small sadness. A feverish pitch will be reaching the festivities on the January’s first week. Without this status the festival cannot be completed, is the most spiritual figure which already reached the Thimpu city. Over 150 years Thimphu is the home for this figure, though not for good when its send off.

Dhurm Rajah is the most scholars across the globe, in 1964 at the end of the Buxa war this status was gifted by the British army to the 233-years old Asiatic Society. From the status was treated as like the icon of the society and most precious things all over these years, on the etymology of the status had not go under no one research. They had the all illegal documents of the Captain Hidayat Ali who was handed the status. According to the history Buxa Fort was held on December 7 in 1864.

The Government Bhutan wrote a letter to the external affairs ministry just a year ago to double take the statue. Zhab Drung Ngawang Namgyal is rather than the Dhurm Rajah as the letter who is the founding father 400 years he unified small tribal entities to form of modern Bhutan. Namgyal from Tibet came to Bhutan gave the sense of the national identity, laws, systems of governance the Dzong system and everything Bhutan was form. It is really much more than just a relic where people respectfully treated and revered as the deity.

Bhutan Government requested to the government of India to send back because it is a country’s heritage but the statue put the centre in a spot not only because as price of the statue near about 5 crore. It is also a matter of a country with foreign relations to be the friends of India at the same time.  After long debate they decide that they will not give the statue permanently but every year at the time of celebration.

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