Study the Happiness of Bhutan the Himalayan Kingdom

To understand and to study the happiness model, the Senior official department of Bhutan will visit the Himalayan Kingdom. To understand the Bhutanese model and implement it the objective of creating the happiness department has a gross national happiness commission. It was implemented first in the country.

Officials have contacted the ambassador of Bhutan and is willing to share its happiness model with the state, and expressed it to share with the country. It was planned officially to take the trip to Bhutan on March 6 and March 7 but, due to administrative issues and lesser number of flights, the trip has been postponed for a few week. Four-member team is expected to visit Bhutan early in the next month.

The budget of the happiness department, was also increased by the state Government.  Meanwhile, it was Rs 2 crore when the department constituted in July last year, which has been increased to Rs 4.75 crore in the budget passed recently. Bhopal is also in the process to set up its official happiness department.  Officials also said we will soon have a rented space in the Board office complex.

Neeraj Vashista, said “ we would be analyzing how significant the happiness model of Bhutan  is in Context of MP, director of happiness said this.  Though, the Himalayan Kingdom is sociologically different and its population is much lesser than our state.

The other initiatives taken by the happiness department, Vashista said that spiritual leader the Dalai Lama will address the state assembly during his proposed visit to Bhopal on March 19.

The happiness department has conducted traditional games such as Kabaddi, Wrestling, Tug of War, Cycling, Spoon and Sack race along with the  host of cultural activities in various gram panchayats in the state to spread happiness from January 14 to January 21.

The Government has earlier stated that besides basic necessities such as roti, kapda aur makaan,(food, cloth and shelter) citizen need some more to live a happy life. The main objective of the department is to ensure “happiness in the lives of the common people.” Bhutan, Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a ministry/department for happiness.

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