5 Adventurous Trekking Trails In Darjeeling

5 Adventurous Trekking Trails In Darjeeling


Darjeeling is often called as the Queen of the Hills due to its breathtaking natural surroundings, mesmerizing views, diverse wildlife, and rich culture. This place was also the summer resort for the Britishers pre-independence and you can still experience that colonial aura while exploring Darjeeling. 

Darjeeling is not only a dream destination for honeymooners, nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts but this place is also visited by a large number of trekkers every year. If you’re willing to explore the adventurous trekking trails here then you must contact the best Darjeeling tour operator who can provide you the perfect assistance throughout the tour. 

Let’s discover some of the most thrilling trekking trails that you must explore in Darjeeling. 

1. Sandakphu Trek

One of the easiest and most mesmerizing Himalayan treks that you can indulge in Darjeeling is the Sandakphu trek. This trek starts from Manebhanjan and then takes you through the stunning Singalila ridge and outskirts of Nepal as well as Sikkim. 

After you reach the final destination of the trek, you can get some amazing views of Mount Everest and K2. This trail is also often considered as the Trekker's Wonderland due to its breathtaking itinerary and natural beauty. 

2. Singalila Ridge Trek

Another popular trekking in Darjeeling is the Singalila Ridge trek, which involves trekking through a mountain ridge that connects India and Nepal. This trek also includes exploring the Sandakphu region from where you can get some magnificent views. 

The mountains will be your constant companion during this trip, where the fresh air and the untamed natural beauty will surely provide you with some cherishing memories. You may require 7 days of trekking to complete exploring the entire ridge. 

3. Gorkhey Trek

If you love exploring offbeat locations with less crowd and an abundance of natural beauty then the Gorkhey Trek in Darjeeling is perfect for you. This scenic trekking route often starts from Srikhola and then explores various scenic villages such as Rammam and Gorkhey. 

After reaching Gorkhey, you can stay in a homestay to have a cultural experience and communicate with the local people to understand their simple lifestyle. The huge mountains, tranquil surroundings, and lush greenery make it a mandatory trail that can be added to the Darjeeling travel packages. 

4. Tonglu Trek

The Tonglu Trek in Darjeeling enables you to experience the stunning landscapes, culture, and wildlife of the place. This 2-day trek will take you through the Singalila ridge and after reaching Tonglu you can get amazing views of the highest peaks. 

If you are lucky and the weather is clear then you can also witness the landscapes of Nepal and nearby village settlements from the viewpoint. You can also explore the diverse flora and fauna of the Singalila National Park during this trek. 

5. Chatakpur Trek 

If you’re trying trekking for the first time then the short 1-day trek to Chatakpur from Jorbangla can be the best option for you. Chatakpur is an eco-village near the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, which is famous among tourists due to the spectacular views of Mount Kanchenjunga. The cloudy skies and tall conical trees also create a perfect trekking ambience here.

To make your trekking trip hassle-free and convenient, you can seek the assistance of the best travel agency in Darjeeling. The travel agency will ensure that your trip is safe and well-equipped with all the travel amenities such as accommodation, sightseeing, and trek itinerary. 

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