5 Stunning Less-Explored Locations To Visit From Jaigaon

5 Stunning Less-Explored Locations To Visit From Jaigaon


Jaigaon is a scenic city situated in the state of West Bengal, which is mainly known for its proximity to the Indo-Bhutan border. The mesmerizing landscapes, lush green tea gardens, soothing flow of the Torsa River, and green hills also attract huge tourists in Jaigaon. 

If you want to explore this city and its nearby attractions then you contact the best Jaigaon tour operator. The tour operator will act as your local guide to take you to some of the stunning locations near Jaigaon to make your travel experience out of the world and unforgettable. 

Let’s explore some of the most beautiful less-explored places that you can explore from Jaigaon. 

1. Totopara

Totopara is an untouched scenic village near Jaigaon, which can be reached within an hour. You can explore this village during your visit to the Jaldapara National Park because there are available jungle safaris from Jaldapara to Totopara. 

After reaching this place, you will be mesmerized to see the unique lifestyle, culture, ethnicity, and heritage of the Toto tribes. You can communicate with these tribal communities to understand more about them while you must not forget to try their authentic cuisines such as marua and meat. 

2. Rajabhatkhawa

Rajabhatkhawa is also known as the gateway to the Buxa tiger reserve, which is popular for its dense forest and varied wildlife species. This quaint village is a paradise for wilderness lovers because you can spot many animals from the watchtower of this place. 

Some of the animals that you can witness are bison, elephants, and tigers. While exploring Rajabhatkhawa, you must also visit the Animal Rescue Center and Orchidarium to see more than 1500 vibrant species of orchids. 

3. Jayanti 

Jayanti is an offbeat forest village, which can be reached within 2 and a half hours from Jaigaon. This village located alongside the stunning Jayanti River is a retreat for nature lovers as one can get pictorial views and stunning ambiance here. 

You can contact the best travel agency in Jaigaon to arrange you a comfortable trip to Jayanti. The vibrant ecology of the Jayanti village, rich diversity, and colorful bird species make this location more special. During your trip, you must also indulge in a thrilling trek to Jayanti Mahakal caves.

4. Hasimara 

Hasimara is a small town in Dooars situated near the Bhutan border. This place plays a major role in the transportation of tourists and Bhutanese people from and to Bhutan because of the Hasimara railway station. 

This rail route is the closest route to Bhutan and from here one can easily hire a car or bus to reach Jaigaon and then Bhutan. Apart from this, this place is also known for its pictorial views of the Bhutan hills and green tea gardens.

5. Banarhat  

Banarhat is another mesmerizing town in Dooars, which can be explored from Jaigaon. This town is mainly famous for its emerald green tea gardens and high-quality tea production. The diverse culture and soothing ambiance of this place will surely leave you amazed. 

After exploring these stunning less-explored locations in Jaigaon, you can also extend your vacation to explore the sightseeing attractions in Phuentsholing. You can consult one of the best travel agents in Jaigaon to visit the monasteries, parks, and historical sites of Phuentsholing. 

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