Elephant Safari at Gorumara National Park: An Overview

Elephant Safari at Gorumara National Park: An Overview


 Gorumara National Park is a renowned wildlife destination in Jalpaiguri. If you are looking for the Dooars tour packages, then a safari plan to Gorumara Park is a must. The destination is famous for one-horned Indian rhinoceros and other diverse flora and fauna.  So, roam across the national park by either jeep or elephant safaris. Here's an overview.

Tour Plan Of The Gorumara Elephant Safaris

Your safari at the elephants back in the Gorumara National Park is accompanied by experienced forest guards and guides. They will guide you about different species, floras, and faunas in the national park. You can visit the watch towers. They are situated in the middle of the park and give you a wide-angle view of the wildlife and natural habitats. The popular watchtowers within the park are:

  • Jatraprasad watchtower
  • Chandrachur Watchtower
  • Rhino observation point
  • Chukchuki Watchtower

From these watch towers, you can have breathtaking views of the green landscapes. Also, spot animals like elephants, Indian bison, rhinoceros, sambar deer, and a variety of birds here. Endangered species like one-horn rhinoceros are the main attraction of the Gorumara National Park.

Opening Of Elephant Safaris In Gorumara

Elephant safaris in the Gorumara National Park are open to everyone. However, tourists can book elephant safaris in a limited number at one time. The rides are open in three slots, the initial two in the morning and the last one in the evening. The timing as well as availability of the rides also depends on season and weather conditions. Get in touch with the park authorities before confirming your booking.

Safari Routes Of Gorumara National Park

Your elephant safari at Gorumara National Park has multiple routes. These routes are managed by the forest department and the availability of a route depends on factors like time, season, etc. Some of the main routes are:

Chapramari Route

The Chapramari route is adjacent to the Gorumara National Park and takes visitors through river beds, dense forests, and grasslands. There are likely chances of encountering elephants, Indian bison, and other wild species.

Lataguri Route

The Lataguri safari route is the dominant safari route in Gorumara. The wildlife safari starts at the entrance gate and covers forest regions and grassland of the park. You can spot endangered faunas and animals like rhinoceros, elephants, deer, and birds.

Jatraprasad Route

The route is named after the famous Jatraprasad watchtower. When your guide chooses this route, you will have a picturesque glance at a larger grassland and forest area. Wildlife species like elephants, deer, rhinoceros, and a variety of birds are popular at the route.

Medla Route

This route covers denser forest areas and tourists when exploring these areas can enjoy the scenic beauty. Medla route often encounters tourists to elusive wildlife like sloth bears and leopards.

So, what's stopping you from checking out the alluring Dooars tour packages? If you are enthusiastic about elephant back safaris or passionate about wildlife photography, the tour in Gorumara National Park will offer you a memorable time.

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