Explore Jaigaon With Tour Operator

Explore Jaigaon With Tour Operator


Jaigaon is a beautiful town and a popular tourist destination located in the Dooars region. Surrounded by luscious tea gardens and green hills Jaigaon is a border town between India and Bhutan. The iconic Bhutan Gate separates it from the country of Bhutan and its landscape is marked by the beautiful Torsha River.


You can visit this beautiful place on your way to Bhutan or on a trip of its own and the best way to do that is by using a Jaigaon tour operatorAs they provide fascinating services and tour packages that take your trip to the next level. Vacations are a rare opportunity and you can make the best out of that by using a travel agency.  


Using a tour operator is a good idea as they bring in experts to help you plan your trip that is suitable to the amount of time and budget you have. They can offer extensive services from tour packages, booking hotels and tickets to providing a rental car that makes your trip amazing.


Some of the best tourist attractions to explore in Jaigaon using a tour operator are as follows:


  • Jaldapara National Park – is an amazing sightseeing attraction about 25km away from the city. This wildlife sanctuary offers Jungle safaris through lush forests full of exotic flora and fauna.


  • Buxa Tiger reserve – is a natural habitat of wild animals in lush green and a majestic forest about 45 km away from Jaigaon. Visitors can see elephants, gaur, clouded leopards, Indian leopards, and many more animals and birds.


  • Bhutan Gate – One of the greatest tourist attractions of Jaigon this gate has beautiful architecture that exhibits Bhutanese beliefs and traditions.


  • Garuchira – is an offbeat village close to the city and offers an environment full of lush greenery that provides peace and tranquillity to its visitors.



  • Pheuntsholing – is the neighboring city in Bhutan and is separated by the Bhutan gate from Jaigoan. This city offers amazing adventures with delicious food and attractive places to see.


A travel agency provides you with all the information you need to get the best experience out of any place and they also give you expert advice about which attractions you should visit, foods to try and things to do. Their services make traveling to these attractions easy and fun while being affordable.


Explore the beauty of Jaigoan using a good Jaigaon tour operator to get the best experience from fascinating places and to have a memorable vacation. For the next trip enjoy an easy, hassle-free, and wonderful holiday in the alluring city of Jaigaon.

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