Explore The Beauty Of Jaigoan

Explore The Beauty Of Jaigoan


Located in the Alipurdwar district Jaigaon is the beautiful border town that connects India to Bhutan. Due to its unique location near the border, it has a mix of food, culture, and traditions from both countries and is a major commercial and tourism hub of the region. 


It is a great place for a vacation as it is only separated by the border town of Bhutan by the iconic Bhutan gate and offers fascinating attractions with a mesmerizing landscape. If you're planning a trip to this place or Bhutan you can spend an enjoyable time here by using travel agents in Jaigaon


Jaigaon gets lots of tourist activity due to its natural beauty and the perfect blend of culture and traditions and also due to tourists visiting Bhutan by road and spending a night there. Surrounded by emerald green tea gardens and green hills this border town is an amazing destination for a trip. 


A travel agency helps you explore the true beauty of Jaigaon by providing fascinating tour packages that help you make the most out of your vacation. They also bring in experts that help you plan the holiday while providing extensive services that make traveling easy and fun. 


Given below are a few of the many amazing places and attractions to visit and see in Jaigaon:


  • Bhutan Gate
  • Phuentsholing
  • Buxa Fort
  • Jaldapara National Park 
  • Raimatang 
  • Garuchira
  • Buxa Tiger Reserve 
  • Pheuntsholing Park
  • Amo Chu Crocodile Farm 


You can get the best experience out of these amazing places by using services provided by a tour operator. Some of the most fascinating and amazing places close to Jaigaon can be found in Pheutsholing which is the neighboring border town connected to Jaigaon through the Bhutan Gate. 


Jaigaon also contains an innumerable amount of places where you can shop making it a haven for shopping lovers. It has a variety of shops where you can get everything from traditional to modern and even stuff supplied by Bhutan. It is also a great place to visit if you love nature as it offers compelling natural landscapes with a peaceful ambiance. 


This beautiful town not only offers alluring beauty, vibrant culture, and delicious foods of different cultures as it is located in Dooars it is also close to many mesmerizing attractions that Dooars has to offer. By using services like a rental car provided by the travel agency you can experience the best holiday in the beautiful town of Jaigaon.


Make the best of your vacation in this amazing border town by using travel agents in Jaigaon who give you the best experience possible. As they make planning your vacation easy and make traveling hassle-free and provide extensive services that make your vacation unforgettable. 

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