Explore The Fascinating Landscapes Of Jaigaon

Explore The Fascinating Landscapes Of Jaigaon


Jaigaon is a beautiful small town situated on the Indo-Bhutan border. This place is mandatory to visit while you are on your way to Bhutan. By visiting this place, you can witness the beautiful Buddhist architecture, culture, traditions, and food. There are various places in Jaigaon from where you can see the fascinating landscapes. 

If you’re willing to explore Jaigaon or visit Bhutan, then you can contact a Jaigaon tour operator. The tour operator will ensure that all the fascinating places in Jaigaon are covered. You can also experience the actual local culture by booking a tour operator because they also provide an expert tour guide who knows every corner of the place. 

Let’s explore some of the places that will give you the best views of the fascinating landscapes of Jaigaon and Bhutan. 

Jaigaon View Point 

Jaigaon viewpoint is one of the mesmerizing attractions in Jaigaon that is a must-visit for getting the beautiful views of Phuentsholing and the entire Jaigaon town. You can also see the clear Torsa River flowing through the mountain. The best time to visit this place is early morning and evening for experiencing the best sunrise and sunset.

While experiencing the beautiful landscapes of Jaigaon, you can also take a stroll to the small local shops near the viewpoint. Some of the shops also sell delicious and fresh local cuisine such as momos. The clouds, mountains, and serene ambiance of this place will truly leave you amazed. 

Bhutan Gate

Bhutan Gate is the entry point to Bhutan that showcases unique and mesmerizing Bhutanese architecture. If you’re on the Jaigaon side of the gate then you can witness the alluring landscapes of Bhutan. It is also a busy trade area where you can buy various garments, food, mobile accessories, and souvenirs. 

The peaceful ambiance of the border and the friendly nature of the local people are the main elements that attract a large number of tourists to the Bhutan gate. The road that leads you to the gate also offers a beautiful picturesque view of the valleys and mountain ranges. You can book a Bhutan tour package from Jaigaon if you want to visit the beautiful sightseeing places of Bhutan. 


Phuentsholing is a small town in Bhutan which is around 4.4 km away from Jaigaon. This place has a wide array of sightseeing places that showcases the best landscapes of Bhutan.  

Some of the places that you must visit while exploring Phuentsholing are Amo Chhu Crocodile Breeding Centre, Zangto Pelri Lhakhang, Karbandi Monastery, and Phuentsholing Market. You can get amazing views from all of these places and especially, the Zangto Pelri Park is a divine place with lush green forests. 

Torsa River Side 

The Torsa River originates from China and is one of the major rivers of Bhutan, which is known as Amo Chhu. Torsa River Side is a perfect place to enjoy the surreal views of the mountain ranges and clear water of the Torsa River. You can take a morning or evening walk to the riverside for getting a panoramic view of the hillocks and the entire town. 

Jaigaon is a place, where you can witness an amalgamation of various cultures, cuisine, and tradition with a scenic view of the dense green landscapes. For making the trip to Jaigaon more comforting and indelible, you must book a reasonable tour package by contacting a Jaigaon tour operator

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