Let’s Explore The Mysterious Culture Of Bhutan

Let’s Explore The Mysterious Culture Of Bhutan


The Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan, boasts numerous monasteries, temples, several cultures, and festivals that fascinate every traveler. Bhutan is one of those kingdoms where the modern traditional arts, ceremonies, and social conduct is derived from ancient culture and are still practiced to this day. 

The culture of this land is based on the principles of Tibetan Buddhism. The uniqueness and cultural practices of this region attract tourists from all around the world. If you dream of visiting this iconic kingdom, you might seek guidance from the best tour operator in Bhutan.

Let us further explore the exclusive and unique culture of Bhutan.

Religious Beliefs & Cultural Practices

Buddhism is the predominant religion of Bhutan, and it has influenced Bhutanese culture to a vast extent. Therefore, the principles of the society are based on sacred Buddhist values, and the local folks live with them. There are several monasteries in the country, and the hillside and pathway to these monasteries are adorned with colorful prayer flags adding beauty to the place.

While visiting this land, you will also be able to notice a Dzong in each district, which is a symbol of ingenuity, creativity, and authority. Buddhist monks live a simple life and reside in monasteries situated on high mountain cliffs. In common households, an offering is made to the deities before eating. Thus, religion plays a significant role in the life of the Bhutanese.

Birth, Wedding & Death

When it comes to the birth of a newborn, Bhutanese people celebrate with great festivity. Nobody can enter the house before the purification ritual that takes place after three days of childbirth. The name of the newborn is decided by a local religious master by combining two traditional names.

Bhutanese people practice a simple wedding ceremony, and in some regions, a groom goes to the bride’s house. A religious ritual is performed by monks on the wedding day, and the couples are blessed with happiness and prosperity.

According to the locals, the death of a person indicates passing on from one life to another. Relatives and neighbors attend the funeral. They mourn for 49 days and practice a series of rituals for the smooth rebirth of the deceased being.

Festivals & Costumes

Bhutanese people celebrate their festivals with great enthusiasm and vibrancy. Get a chance to experience the enthralling festival of Bhutan by booking a tour package from the best tour operator in Bhutan. The festival is held throughout the year, and at least one festival is celebrated in a month.

The people of this country are supposed to wear their cultural outfits mandatorily during occasions and while visiting government offices. Women wear an ankle-length dress called Kira, and men are dressed in Gho, a knee-length robe.


The cuisine of Bhutan reflects its simplicity. People from various regions eat dishes such as buckwheat, maize, and rice. Residents of the hillside consume chicken, yak meat, beef, lamb, etc. The popular dish of the country is Ema Datshi, also considered the national dish.

Besides the above-mentioned cultural practices, Bhutan is also rich in literature, music, and dance forms which have great religious influence. The common dance form is the sacred masked dance performed to honor Guru Padmasambhava. The country is also rich in several art forms that can be visible while visiting the monasteries and architectural buildings.

Bhutanese culture is unique in every form, and every citizen embraces it with pride. They put great effort to preserve their unique culture and promote its principles and values. You might contact the best tour operators for Bhutan in India for a beautiful exploration of the country and embark on a journey to their mysterious country.

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