Let’s Explore the Spectacular Sightseeing in Jaigaon

Let’s Explore the Spectacular Sightseeing in Jaigaon


Jaigaon is a town in India, which is well-known for the Bhutan Gate that separates India and Bhutan. The town has mesmerizing views with one side showcasing the beauty of Phuentsholing town of Bhutan and on the other side the beauty of West Bengal can be experienced. Jaigaon is one of the best places where beautiful tea gardens, Himalayan Mountains, and various streams of hilly rivers can be seen, where this place is also rich in tribal culture.

Being the main gateway for entering Bhutan, Jaigaon is visited by a large number of tourists every year. The unique sightseeing and tourist places with the combination of Bhutanese and Indian culture are also another reason that attracts many tourists. The assistance of various car rentals in Jaigaon for sightseeing can be taken, if you are also wishing to visit the spectacular town.

Let us now explore the various spectacular sightseeing places that cannot be missed in Jaigaon.

Bhutan Gate

The Bhutan gate is the border of India and Bhutan that can be seen from Jaigaon. The unique Bhutanese architecture used in the gate makes it a great place for sightseeing. In the Indian side of the gate, tourists can see Indians selling various accessories, garments and food.

The magnificent night view of Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon from the Bhutan Gate is a must thing that needs to be experienced by the tourists.

Crocodile Breeding Centre

If you are interested in exploring the unique wildlife of a place then Amo Chhu Crocodile Breeding Centre in Phuentsholing is the perfect place for you. The booked car rental for sightseeing in Jaigaon will take you to the tourist attraction, where the various endangered species of alligators, crocodiles and gharials can be seen.

The relaxing riverside of the Amo Chhu River and the compelling views of nature as well as wildlife make this tourist destination in the topmost list of sightseeing places.

Phuentsholing Town

Phuentsholing is the “border town of Bhutan”, which is just 15 minutes away from Jaigaon. The impeccable views of the Torsa River, and modern architecture with a touch of the nature makes it is a place that is well-known for its eye-appealing beauty. This place is also known for its diverse culture since the tourists can explore Nepalese, Indian and Bhutanese traditions in this place.

Phuentsholing also attracts the tourists for its vibrant shopping amenities, where the tourists can buy traditional Bhutanese clothes, Tibetan carpets, home ware and foot wares from the various shopping complexes or main market.

Indo-Bhutan Border Road

The sun shining through the dense forests, the foggy weather, and the sky filled with clouds makes the experience in the Indo-Bhutan Border Road extremely relaxing and soothing.

The views of the road will tell you not to stop at any places and to just go on towards serendipity. The road is especially known for its scenic beauty and smooth roads, which is why most of the riders choose this path for reaching Bhutan.


Zangtopelri is another spectacular destination for sightseeing, which is basically a monastery that also has a beautiful recreational park. If you are visiting this place with children then the activities in the park will keep them occupied.

You can also explore the Buddhist religion by changing prayers and spinning the wheels in the monastery, where the quietness of the place will surely leave you with a calm mind.

Jaigaon is a great place to experience both the Indian and Bhutanese culture, where unique forms of Buddhist religion can also be explored. Travelling to the mentioned sightseeing places can become extremely seamless and convenient if you book a car rental in Jaigaon.

The rental car will help you in getting full comfort, where you also get the option of personalizing the sightseeing tour as well.

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