The Pros And Cons of Customized Tour Packages

The Pros And Cons of Customized Tour Packages


Personalizing the travel plan has been one of the biggest trends in the travel industry. The different natures, interests, and ideologies of travelers are the key reasons behind the discovery of customized tour packages. You can now easily plan an itinerary for your perfect island, family, romantic, adventurous, or cultural getaway. 

The tour operators also have now learned the art of creating personalized vacations. If you’re willing to select Bhutan for your next holiday trip, then you can contact an affordable tour operator in Bhutan. With a tour operator, you will be able to add your expertise and travel requirements along with professional guidance throughout the trip.  

Let’s explore some of the apparent pros and cons of customized or tailor-made tour packages. 


1. Personalized Itinerary 

With a customized package, you can personalize the itinerary as per your interests and preferences. In this, you also get the opportunity to plan the travel based on your unique budget. You can choose the activities you want to participle and the places you want to visit. There is no rigid plan or schedule throughout the trip in a customized package. 

2. Flexibility 

Customized packages give you flexibility regarding accommodation type and dates. You can easily adjust the travel schedule based on your personal needs and have complete control over the itinerary, unlike regular packages. It is also entirely upon you whether you want to book a private villa, hostel, or hotel for accommodation. You can book one of the best tour operators for Bhutan to get comfortable accommodations and the best-customized packages. 

3. Exclusivity And Privacy 

In customized packages, the tour guide and the transportation services are exclusively for you which enhance your privacy. In regular packages, you often have to adjust with a group of strangers while visiting the places, which can sometimes be a privacy threat. Customized tours are extremely private where you will only be sharing the beautiful moments with your close ones. 


1. Expensive 

One of the biggest drawbacks of customized packages is that it is expensive compared to pre-packaged tour packages. You often have to pay more for activities, transportation, accommodation, and personalized experiences. You can take the assistance of local experts for reducing unnecessary costs. 

2. Can Sometimes Be Lonely 

Customized packages are private and this can sometimes make you feel lonely. This type of package doesn’t include any form of social events or group activities. This can decrease the opportunity of meeting new people during the trip. You can mingle with the local people for mitigating the issue of loneliness. 

3. Higher Effort And Time 

Finding the best offers for accommodation and flights, researching the best places to visit, and arranging the entire itinerary from the base can consume a huge amount of time and effort. If you don’t enjoy exploring and researching a place before traveling, then customized packages are not a suitable option for you. 

Customized tours can give you a peaceful holiday since all the accommodations, transportation, activities, and sightseeing places will be chosen based on your preferences. You don’t have to worry about the next place but rather you can have a wonderful new experience. You can appoint a tour operator in Bhutan to make the dream of creating a customized tour package for Bhutan come true. 

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