Things To Do In Buxa Tiger Reserve

Things To Do In Buxa Tiger Reserve


Buxa Tiger Reserve, one of the famous places for dolomite mining, is the largest forest in North Bengal. Spread over an area of 745 sq km, the park is home to a rich number of Indian bison, elephants, and many species of deer and leopards. The travel agency in Dooars often bases the  Buxa Tiger Reserve as the dominant destination and accordingly progresses with the tour plans. Here are the things to do and places to visit near the tiger reserve:

Sightseeing At Jayanti Village

Deeper inside the forests there's a small village called Jayanti village. The village is also among the popular attractions for one one-night stay. Tourists find the Jayanti Riverbend and Bhutan hills on the other side of the river more amusing. The river is a spot where many Hindi and local films were shot, so you might not miss the visit to this wondrous village.

Reaching Lepchakhawa By Trekking

Those adventure-loving trekkers can reach the calm valley of Lepchakhawa by nearly 5 km trekking. You can enjoy the amazing view of the entire Buxa first reserve from the valley. In addition, the splendid scenery of the North Bengal plains and adjoining Bhutan is also visible from here.

By acquiring permission from the forest department and with the company of an expert guide you can enjoy the dense forest routes.

Other popular trekking choices include the Pokhari Hill easy trekking spot. You can think about visiting the Mahakal caves too.

Roaming Across Bhutai Basti

If you love the dense forest ambiance then the location of Bhutai Basti is perfect for you. The village is nearly 1.5 km from the Jayanti village and provides an ideal mid-forest feel. Your journey toward Bhutan begins with Jayanti crossing and then roaming across the Buxa dense forest. You may also encounter elephants because Bhutai Basti is also known as the den for elephants.

Experiencing The Tea Gardens

At the western front of the Buxa Tiger Reserve, there's a small village called Raimatang. To reach the village you have to pass through some of the largest tea gardens such as Chuapara Tea Garden, and Kalchini Tea Garden. Ramiatang is one of the isolated villages in North Bengal because it is surrounded by deeper forests. From the watchtowers, you can point to elephants and other wildlife there.

Jungle Safari

Lastly, of course, no one can miss jungle safaris. Visiting tourists surely do a jungle safari in the Buxa tiger reserve forest. The visitors are allowed a jeep safari only after opting for special permission from the forest department in Rajabhatkhawa and Jayanti.

The travel agency in Dooars can often take you to more exciting places near the Buxa reserve than you can ever think of. From sightseeing to trekking and jeep safari, there are diverse things to do near and across the Buxa tiger reserve.

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