Things To Look For While Contacting Travel Agents In Jaigaon

Things To Look For While Contacting Travel Agents In Jaigaon


Jaigaon is situated in the Alipurduar district, which is a small border town that separates India and Bhutan. This town is blessed with various lush green tea gardens and sightseeing attractions which can surely alleviate all your life stress while enabling you to attain inner peace. 

If you want to plan a trip to this town then you can contact one of the most experienced travel agents in Jaigaon. The travel agent will offer you exclusive deals at affordable rates so that you get to enjoy a personalized travel experience. Not only the affordability and variety of tour packages but you must also check various other factors before finalizing an agent. 

Let’s discover some of the things that you must look for while selecting a travel agent. 


Before booking a travel agent, the first thing that you must check is their certification. This will help you eliminate the risks of getting fraud by a fake travel agency. You must ask for legal accreditations and certifications from the local regulatory bodies to determine its authenticity and originality. 


It is also essential to check whether the travel agents have personal experience of the chosen destination or not. If you’re exploring Jaigaon or travelling to Bhutan from there then the agent must be well-known about the local rules, customs, and lifestyle so that you get to enjoy an in-depth cultural immersion. 


The travel agent must be equipped with effective communication with the clients. This factor is important to check since without proper communication the agent will not be able to understand our needs, preferences, and interests. In such cases, they will also not be efficient enough to recommend an appropriate Bhutan tour package from Jaigaon. 

Background Check 

Apart from certification, you can also check the authenticity and quality of the services of the travel agent by performing a background check. This can be done by checking the recent online reviews and ratings from the customers. Doing elaborate research about the travel agent is essential for making a proper decision. 

Customer Support 

Before giving the responsibility of tailoring your tour, you must ask the travel agents whether they offer 24/7 customer support or not. This service is important because while travelling to a new location you can be exposed to various emergencies or unavoidable circumstances. In such situations, a travel agent becomes the only local support who can guide you. 

Areas of Expertise 

Another thing to check before selecting a travel agent is the areas of expertise. Different tourists have different travel needs, which include wildlife, adventure, nature, cultural, religious, and family trips. Herein, the travel agents must be enthusiastic enough to suggest the best places to visit based on your interests. 

Network of Suppliers 

You must also identify the network of suppliers that the travel agent has. If the travel agents have a great selection of lodges, hotels, and other suppliers then they will be able to meet your unique travel expectations. Additionally, it will also enable you to get the best facilities at reasonable rates. 

Selecting a travel agent with these features will help you get the best travel itinerary for Jaigaon which can address all your travel requirements. Before booking the tour package, you must also check whether the travel agent provides services of car rental in Jaigaon or not since a rented car will make your trip hassle-free and safe. 

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