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Dooars locally known as ‘Duars’ is one of the popular tourist destinations located in the northeastern part of India stretched over an 8,800 sq km of land. Recognized as a gateway to Bhutan from India sharing the international boundary with Bhutan in the north, the land of Dooars is a paradise for nature lovers that is blessed with dense forests, widely spread tea gardens, and is home to major rivers of northern India. 

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History of Dooars

The region of Dooars was initially part of the Kamata Kingdom under the rule of the Kooch Dynasty in the 16th century and the Bhutan Kingdom in the early 17th century which later in 1949 became part of the Union of India. Dooars is home to some of the historical monuments and sites including Buxa Fort, Dalim Fort and many more. Dooars is separated into two parts with the eastern part known as ‘Assam Dooars’ and the western part being called ‘Bengal Dooars’.

When to visit

Summer : Being located near the hilly regions of Bhutan, Dooars does not witness excess summer however during the daytime the temperature can range up to 32 degrees Celsius. 

Monsoon : Dooars receive a decent amount of rainfall during the monsoon season as is not recommended to visit during this season. Generally, monsoon is regarded as the breeding season due to which most of the national parks and sanctuaries remain closed.

Winter : Winter is considered to be the best time to visit Dooars with pleasant weather and cool breeze. During this season one can visit the rare animals during jungle safari and is the ideal season for birdwatchers.

How To Reach?

Air : Bagdogra airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 66 km from the city of Lataguri. The airport connects direct flights with the major cities of India.

Train : Dooars can be easily reached from railway routes as there are multiple stations located in the region like Chalsa, Malbazar, Hasimara and many more

Road : Tourists can travel to Dooars by hopping onto a bus or a rental taxi from the city of Siliguri which takes around 2 hours to reach Dooars.